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Thread: Ladder reset / Placement Match Facts
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      Ladder reset / Placement Match Facts

      Saw a concise and accurate blurb on reddit that I thought I'd share here to clear up any questions/worries about the ladder reset:

      "The purpose of the one placement match for Season 2 is to remove inactive players from the ladder. Your MMR (match-making rating) from last season is carried over, and your placement match won't effect your placement any more than any other match. If you are promoted/demoted, it is either because you were already close to being promoted/demoted, you changed your MMR enough during the ladder lock to warrant a promotion/demotion, or the league threshold changed between seasons to compensate for changing player numbers. Thank you, and good night."

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      That's "good news" and bad news...I think they should reset, or then just "kick" inactive players. I don't see the point of making placement matches. Also there are issues with the MatchMaker thats should be solved ,once they have 2 weeks to "fix" it. "Good players" will always get up fast on the ladder. But kicking those innactive players will not affect at all on the league. Just in the maintenace of their servers. Groups are always of 100.
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