2011 is indeed a bright year for Starcraft 2 as there are a lot of tournaments going on.
But after GSL, there is TSL with a great line up of foreigners and Koreans battling out. A lot of foreigners had a chance to meet the Koreans without having a hard time going to Korea and qualifying for the GSL not to mention a lot of “cheesing” going on.

Starcraft 2 seemed too volatile at its latest state but as far as I can see I think that there are more players coming out with different play styles and strategies that make it really excitingly balanced. Come to think about it, with this about of time (think about when Blizzard nearly perfectly balanced Broodwar), they managed to adapt with the latest patches and even maps. GSL maps made a lot of difference. I think this play styles are products of players from different games adapting to Starcraft 2. Broodwar veterans, Warcraft 3 players and plain new players are mixed in a whole new game.

Come to think about it GSL had different champions: 2 for Zerg and 2 for Protoss (same person) but you can see Terran is not far behind being on the runner ups. People complain about Terran being OP but as you can see it really comes down to the players and their strategy. You can see previous champions falling to new comers/underdogs and champions maintaining dominance. *Check out Thorzain! I’m a new fan! Lol* Sometimes I think a best of 3 is not enough to really measure 2 players, we need best of 5!

I am really excited with the current TSL and the coming NASL in which the foreign scene is starting to level the Koreans in the Starcraft Esports Environment. I really hope this continues and last for years or a decade like how the Koreans made Broodwar their official favorite past time.