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Thread: Won't be on for a while...
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      Won't be on for a while...

      Hey guys, just letting you guys know that I will not be on in a while. The reason for this being every time I turn my computer off and back on I have to download the same update for StarCraft. I have already done this multiple times. If you guys find a fix for this problem just post it on this thread because I'm eager to get back on.
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      Well it might be your computer and not starcraft? Otherwise the only think I can think of aside from emailling the blizzard support is a complete reinstall, and see if that helps :/

      Otherwise sorry we can do anything, it sucks when this happens to anything computer related :/
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      Might be some "rights" changes, It happened to a buddy before. He was not running it as administrator so the updates became "temporal".

      The other issue might be like was with my laptop:
      I do not know if it is your situation, but seems like it.

      Re-install the game. the SC2 you used to have was installed in a folder (like ie: c:\programs(x86)\starcraft2) after the bliizard sc2 update to 1.1.x the game was moved by the S.O. to c:\users\public access\games\ starcraft 2. Since it is a well known game copies it to a public folder so all users can play to it, like a minesweeper.

      So the issue is that you have actually 2 copies of the same game client on the pc. when you start it the client updater detects the new sc2 so it applyes the patch, but since the patching has prioirtyes due to the possibility of having one or more clients of the game(and the patcher is the same) it patches the files of the old copy of the game, once done, he uses those to play. But once you restart the PC, the updater once again detects that the files of the new copy are unpatched and re-patchs the old copy.

      So, search the pc for the starcraftII folders , and delete one of them. So,basically you can keep the starcraft2 folder where you installed it originally, so you don't have to change all the game configurations again. The issue with this, it's that it might happen again with another patch, so If you don't have that problem, erase the old folder, it's more wise, at least my advice. Don't worry you wont loose the replays and the achievements, because they are not inside the game folder.

      Important: there has to be 3 starcraft2 folders, the one where you installed it, other one,where he supposedly moved it( usually c:\users\public access\games\ starcraft 2) , and the C:\USERS\YOURNAME\DOCUMENTS\ STARCRAFT2. Do not erase this folder or you will loose the replays, and savegames, and many other things.

      It should resolve your issue.

      GLHF . Take it as a puzzle .
      TIP: to find the second copy of the SC2, check the route of the icon on the dsktop or the start menu, because he replaced it after moving the game.
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      I had the same problem before, all i did was to reinstall starcraft2 and finish all updates, left it open for a couple of hours as it said it was finished but was unable to start.. (maybe some updates are working in the background). Also when I installed starcraft I turned off my firewall/antivirus/protection program as it could be the one causing the problem or corrupting data.. it worked for me.

      but if all things fail, to be REALLY safe, make a partition in your HDD, install XP (dual boot if you are using vwin7) and install starcraft2 and do not add anything until it is fully working = just to isolate the problem, I know drastic but its starcraft2 we are talking here
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