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Thread: Bored at work... need to kill time..
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      Bored at work... need to kill time..

      I am really bored at work and need to kill time.. by.. watching starcraft vids in youtube or whatever to watch but it seems only youtube is the one working when it comes to videos using my proxy as non-work related sites are blocked at work ^^ I know im a bad role model employee but who can blame me? im really bored and I got nothing to do on my idle time and it seems its the only time I can catch up with my readings about strategy and watch replays ^^

      I checked for Day9's new vids but theres nothing new and watching starcraft everyday could be stressful ^^

      So my problem is I cant seem to find websites that offer streaming.. and also does provide its own vid player to stream with.. As fas as I know my proxy.. uses JW Player or something ^^

      Any websites that offer streaming for free for movies would be very nice too ^^
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