Heyy i was wondering, cause im a fan of making stuff for youtube like montages ect....but i was wondering if i could help or get on with you guys and doing the videos on your youtube channel if i can? if not its fine. (id, rlly love too <3)

I currently have a channel but....( i dont thinke peopel like it) so i was thinking of making a new one....and well the thinking process on that has not gone far :P. I was thinking of making it strickly for sc2 and combat arms....or just sc2. If i do decide to do this you guys got any advice on how? lol so it becomes somewhat popular? and im sure i could some how tie it in to give you guys more pub too

Oh and one more thing i need a name...a good name...an.....EPIC NAME!!!!!!!$^!$!& okayy...well maybe not epic but a good one....

Wait, one more thing, well 2 more things. If any one wants to do this with me, that would be cool