hmm? oh me? Yay! :P and yes it is ture, your beloved blue is now a high ranking diamond player ( soon to be masters....causse i said so) so....... hmmm you know i dont really know where i was going with this thread lol :P i guess to say im diamond. o.o i should tell you the story!

Once apon a time, in the mystical blue arays of the starcraft2 menu a young man determined to reach rank one and deffeat his nemassis, doctor octo mono clicked the fate "find game button" This young man, GamerBlue, so glourious in all his fights only need one more to riase to the rank. But one thing, or rather three sood in his way. The mighty Random Pandas! The all fought determindly, and bloody in the waste full lands of starcraft, jumping from planet to planet and murdering tones. The galatic war raged one for centuires untill Gamer dilligently send a squad of medis to their backdoor and unleshed hell! The Random Panadas unable to stop the mighty forces surrendered. Gamer blue apon accetping the surrened now jumped in joy as he was now going to be rank 1 platnium....or so he thought. As he enteres the score bordes to he how truly awesome he was, he was bumped up to diamond, and entered at rank 3 where he must now do it all again! A slight sigh came out of Gamers mouth and he looked at who was in the spot of rank 1.

HAHA hope you like! thats my story :0