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Thread: Newb Guide - Acronym Help Please
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      Newb Guide - Acronym Help Please

      Hi everyone,

      I'm trying to write up a short newb guide for players new to SC 2. I have a couple things I am hoping to get your feedback from.

      First off, here is my list of 'chapters' if you will. Please tell me what else you think this needs or if you think it should be changed:

      base management basics
      keyboard hotkeys / mechanics
      army positioning
      army micro
      army composition
      base management advanced (proxy, tech hiding, building positioning - stuff that would be too long for the first chapter)
      game strategy (ie, what is your goal, how do you respond to their moves)
      multiplayer game strategies (2v2 and more players)

      Please give me feedback on those... also, here is my list of acronyms that I typed up.... Can you think of anything else?

      SC – Starcraft

      SC2 – Starcraft 2

      BW – Brood Wars (the expansion to Starcraft)

      gl - good luck. Typically said at the start of a game

      hf - have fun. Also said at the start of a game "glhf" is a common term.

      gg - good game. Said at the end of a game

      Macro – The base management, production, and economy portion of the game. A superior macro player will often have more bases, higher income, more production facilities and, especially in the late game, a larger army.

      Micro – Micro is the ability to effectively utilize what you do have. I have effective micro if I can kill your 6 zerglings with my 3 marines and not lose any. Or if I can make my armies positioning beat yours. This is as small as 1 unit on 1 unit battles and as large as whole army battles. Casting spells appropriately, pushing appropriately, using units’ abilities appropriately.

      Natural Expansion – aka “Natural” – this is the base that you will most likely expand to first as it is directly outside of your main base and the easiest to defend.
      FE – Fast Expand. This refers to when someone quickly builds a second base. typically it is at their natural expansion.

      3rd, 4th, 5th, aka “3 base” “4 base” “5 base” – this refers to the number of bases a player is currently harvesting resources from. Sometimes players are also referred to as being on ‘4 base’ when they are really only getting resources from 2 or 3 of the bases though. This term is loosely used.

      Gold Base or Rich Minerals – Refers to a base that has the gold minerals which provide 10 income per trip as opposed to 5. Gold bases are very good to hold as you will have a higher income per worker and per mineral, but are often risky to hold.

      Rax – Barracks

      Gate – Gateway

      Pool – Spawning Pool

      1 rax, 2 rax, 3 rax, 4 gate, etc. – This is the number of production facilities someone has. Often in games an announcer will say, “He is on a 4 gate 2 robo production.” That means that player has 4 gateways and 2 robotic bays that they are producing units from.

      on 10, on 15, on X - This is what people use to explain build orders. So if someone says "build a supply depot on 10", they mean when your supply is at 10, build a supply depot. Your supplies are the numbers in the upper right to the right of the vespene gas count "xx/yy".

      Hatch – Hatcheries. Also can include a lair or hive, “That zerg is on 4 hatch” would mean that player has 4 larva producing structures which may include their hive/lair.

      Rally or Rally Point - Where production facility units will head to once they are constructed

      OP – Overpowered. Something that people think is unfair in game.

      BM – Bad Mannered. A player who has a poor attitude or plays in a rude way. Often someone who is bad mannered will say stuff like, “That’s so OP, lucky win. MMM ball. Get some real skill” They will also claim you are cheesing, which might be true in which case you are a douche.

      Cheese - Typically an early game strategy that is hard to counter and almost impossible to scout without some kind of lucky guesses. This includes 10 pools, 6 pools, a proxy gate, a proxy two gate, photon cannon rushes, a proxy rax or 2 rax. Also what can be considered semi-cheese is a DT rush or a void ray rush, but those are more so cheese in non 1v1. A good thing to note is if someone goes with a cheese build and you stop it, they will likely follow up with more cheese. Like photon cannon rush, into DT's, into voids.
      Stim – An ability Marauders and Marines have to increase their movement and attack speed dramatically.

      APM - Actions per minute. This is how many things a player does in a single minute. Some people have 'false' or 'fake' apm's where they spam right click or click things a million times. APM is not often a good indicator of skill level but most pros have APM at or above 200.

      Fail – when someone sucked at something. “That was fail micro.” IE, what the hell was that player doing using his units like that? He should probably facepalm.

      Facepalm – When someone did something so stupid/bad/fail that they should connect their palm to their face, the faster/harder the better.

      Colossi – The plural of colossus

      Thanks guys, I really appreciate the communities help on this. Also, I'm trying to make this so it helps you guys out there who want help to so please give me advice on what you want. Talking with some folks like Ghostly SCV lately I've heard bunker placement, defensive strats and a couple other things so I'm going to try to make vids like that too but need input to make those.

      Thanks again!
      OneManZerg - 971

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      A good list but if its specifically for new people to the game I would try to stray away from micro management until the very end, only because a bad habit people get into is watching a battle maybe microing well, however letting the macro slip really bad, forgetting mules, larva injet, not spending resources effectively, proactively expanding and transitioning etc.
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      First off, kudos for doing this! As you ask for feedback, here goes..

      I'm not sure if the order of "chapters" you listed is the 'final' order you want to adress it, too, but I'd put the "Keyboard hotkeys / Mechanics" part to the top, because the Mechanics are relevant for every other chapter, no matter if you speak about Scouting, Base building, Macro, Army movement.. - and if you introduce the Hotkeys early, too, you can then rely on that knowledge and just use Hotkeys in the following chapters (i.e. "group your Queens on one key, so you can quickly spawn larva, group your production facilities on another key so you can utilize them without going back to your base", you get the idea).

      And I'd also pull up the "Game strategy" section to the top, perhaps split it in two ("Basic game strategies" vs "Advanced game strategies") and put basic stuff that's relevant for 98% of the games in the first part (real basic stuff like "dont go in fights you know you cant win", " and such, i.e. all the strategic things for a new player to get and keep a basic game going against an enemy), and then use the advanced topic for things like harrassment and whatnot.

      Finally, theres at least one acronym you forgot to explain, even though you use it yourself in the "BM"-acronym, and that's "MMM"

      Oh, and perhaps give "Rush" its own explanation, too, even though it's not an acronym, but a new player might not know what it means if he reads "watch out for an early rush"

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      how about...

      -Semi/Full saturation
      -xel'naga (not many new player will know what this is. I know i didnt)

      Thats all I can think from the top of my head. Hope it helps.
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      -Choke points
      -High yield (gold expo)
      -Kiteing (attack and run)
      -Destiny cloud fist (Terran's 1 - 1 - 1 build)
      -FE (Fast expand)
      -BO (Build order)
      -High ground & Low ground

      If someone could elaborate on what i have here, that'd be swell
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      Thanks Grathak, that's a good tip on the ordering.

      Thanks Krawll, and IceCraft for those additions. At first I thought this acronym thing might be a page long... now I think it's going to be some 4 page document. =p
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      I have one to add
      qq - apparently is supposed to be like a smiley, but crying somehow, I never really got it someone had to explain it to me when I got into sc. People use it like "suck it up baby", but since its on the internet its used about as often as someone saying your raging so has no real meaning anymore.

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      IMHO the things you have listed on your guide is for advance players. Newbs for me would typically involve where to build SCVs, whats the difference between races and differentiating workers from attacking units to spell casters. Also tanks/ Meatshield and DPS. Also if marines are melee units or do they shoot air. But I think it is just me as I saw a lot of newbs and pretty much they don't know what the hell units do.. i even encountered one who backed out from a dropped MULE.

      acronym/jargons.. ah yes even I had a problem with it at 1st, things like:

      7RR - 7roach rush
      CC-command center
      PF- Planetary fortress
      OC-orbital - orbital command
      BC- Battle cruiser? LOL
      speedlings/slings - speed upgraded zerglings
      Blings- banelings
      cracklings - upgraded speed and attack speed (hive tech) lings
      sac - sacrifice
      Lair tech / hive tech
      tier1 tier2 tier 1.5?
      DT-dark templar
      full saturation-3 per refinery/ 3 per minerals ( ideal 2 per mineral patch)

      Also it would be better to simply define units and make them familiar of their uses and where can they be produce, tech trees and shortcuts for basic guide. Units that go well with them (unit synergy and composition), what counters them and what they counter could be in advance guide.

      But it is a good idea thou to make a separate guide for basic and advance. It might be too much for newbs to discuss macro and micro when they dont even know how units work. Maybe disect it into chapters or parts. Things like macro and micro could better suit to advance-intermediate play. Also basic strategies and build orders.

      Also I think newbs who did not play BW should get some trivia-history when you are explaining something, I think it would give them the idea and just good to know stuff like old units and stuff like toss used to drop reavers now colosi or imortals. Wraiths are banshee's cousins using hit and run strat. tanks in Sc2 need more vision.

      I think my newbs would really include people who did not have any experience with RTS[real time strat(strategy)]. They need to learn the very basics 1st like letters in the alphabeth before they can form words
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