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Thread: Need a little bit a tips
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      Need a little bit a tips

      I fail but it was fun - Starcraft 2 Replays - Starcraft 2 Forum
      I uploaded a replay that me and xodust played for some odd reason i always get hit can ya tell me what i did wrong so i can take care of this issue im happy plz

      thanks in advance

      iRage #929

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      Hey iRage,

      I will comment only up to the bit where the both attacked at the same time, as that seemed to be the most important bit Firstly I will comment on your play and then your teamwork, as there we some issues with both:

      There were only small issues with your play, i.e. not always making scvs all the time, not spending money at the start (only slightly), getting supply blocked etc. Also make sure you can support the number of barracks you had one 1 base, I wouldnt know atm as I dont play terran that often however make sure you have enough to support them and expand after youse attack or they attack. Also was there a reason for double gas with only rax units?

      The bigger issue was with the teamwork, they went 2 rax units. Which means big army. So on the first push you need to have an equally big army, the only way you can do this is by merging your armies together. Imagine if when they pushed you both had your armies sitting in the middle with the tanks sieged up, it would have easily held off their push, however you kept to your own bases, and as I see it 2 armies will almost always beat 1 army. Also I would have left that hellion harass until they were attacking so they couldnt defend it but thats just me and what I do with mutalisk when they attack in teams.

      Keep working on those things and we will see how you go after that
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