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Thread: DreamHack...*spoilers*
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      Quote Originally Posted by NightlyNews View Post
      I think it's just the style of game we are going through.

      First people got really greedy and started 14 hatch 2 rax or forge expanding every bloody game, so the natural counter to bring them down to earth is cheese. However, once people go back to normal builds these cheese games will die out because they simply can't hold up.

      Also, Huk has been aware that he was susceptible to cheese. He said in some cast that in one tournament he never got a gate before 14-15 and was surprised no one hit him early on.
      Yea a lot of the pro builds are fairly susceptible to cheese at the moment I believe, Nearly all zergs 14 pool or 15 FE or some variation, which is leaving you open to early pressure for a while, while terran and toss are a bit better off with the walls they make there is still a window cheese has to play in >.<

      I think there will always be macro style people like this but I think, especially from what ive seen at dreamhack is people going for more aggressive builds now, while those koreans are still macroing? Anyways thats just what ive seen happening thus far
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      macro games are way more entertaining to watch than cheese. If a macro player survives early cheese/ some 1base play, they win. its the most sensible but hardest way to play imo. People are aggressive now but i bet that after a few more balance changes we'll see alot more games that are actually worth watching

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      of course cheese has to be strong! it's an ALL IN, it has to be strong otherwise nobody would do it. If the cheese does not work, the cheeser will almost always lose the game.

      ALL IN plays are strong unless the opponent sees it coming. Basically you're depending on your opponent to mess up, which is why alot of people think ALL IN plays are bad. BUT! there is nothing wrong with cheesing in a tournament if you choose to do so because it leaves your opponent thinking that you're capable of ANYTHING.

      Alot of people do all ins such as 6 pool with drones sent, but you see it less and less because they just don't work anymore at least in the GSL.

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