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Thread: Reminiscing the early years of Starcraft magic
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      I played all of blizzard's games religiously and unconsiously at 1st I never thot it was the same video game developer who made such games.. only after I was too happy about it that I found out it was again blizzard.. lol well westwood games are also fun, it all started with C&C for RTS.. diablo on the other hand was the start of premium RPG hack and slash pioneer i think.. can't wait for D3..
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      Scvrush's early years of C&C and Starcraft

      Omg Redux, that was a good read.

      I'll share my Starcraft and Command and Conquer experience.

      When I was in like 5th grade, there was really only 1 RTS game that kicked ass! The one and only Command and Conquer! I remembered that I would think about the game so much during my long morning classes. That game was the first game I was addicted to. As soon as I get out of school, I would sprint back to play the game. I clearly remembered that the GDI tanks are so overpowered because you could crush infantries with it, and more importantly it is virtually indestructible! I would try to get them every game and lose to a rush by the computer. I was a total newb. Damnitt!

      My newb status didn’t stay that way for long. I decided to learn from one of my friend's friend, they call him the C&C God. One day, I came over to his place to learn a trick or two. He was telling me that he won the C&C tournament of some region. He proceeds to go into a skirmish to show me his strategy. His strategy is one of the funniest and all-in strategies I know to this day. Unlike SC, C&C starts off with 10k funds which you can build all sorts of stuff with it. This allows him to just deploy a construction yard and a barracks to pump a full screen of GDI troops without gathering. So this friend of mine does just that; mass a load of $100 GDI infantry, then he sells the construction yard to get more troops and an engineer. When he is out of money, he sells the barracks which gives him a few more troops. At this point, I was just shocked that he didn't get any of my favorite units. His infantry force was so big that I didn't think I had ever gotten that many in my C&C career.

      His execution was also flawless. He proceeds to roll over the enemy base without a problem. His tactics was brilliant and sneaky, he takes the engineer that he got from selling the construction yard to take over the enemies construction yard from behind. He sells that immediately to get another engineer to take over the enemies barracks to produce troops. I was absolutely stunned by his gameplay. He was godly. I never even remotely thought that an RTS can have so much strategy and depth other than massing my favorite mammoth tank.

      Then there was RED ALERT! Pretty good game, this game was also one of my favorites. The Mammoth tanks, Tanya were my favorite weapon of choice. This was about the time that Starcraft came out. There was a demo version (Only Terrans) of this game released by Blizzard so I downloaded it to try it out. I was very surprised by the interface of this game compared to C&C. You build stuff from each building rather than the sidebar. With my newb knowledge, I quickly found out that BATTLECRUISERS were the shit! So every game, I would try to get them like I did for mammoth tanks in C&C.

      In 7th grade, I decided to open a website about Starcraft and Diablo (oh my other favorite game). It was my first website ever. The design was crappy lol (Maybe someday, I'll show u guys what I did). Either way, I loved both games and want to be able to reach out to those with similar interests. The website was not fancy like today's web 2.0 properties; there was the information section/ cheats and a guest book. I was an Immigrant, aka FOB. Not knowing much English means I didn't have any useful information on the website. I would plagiarize (AHeem research) other articles and post them on my site. One day, my innocent mind had the idea of making my website super popular. The logic was: everyone loves to cheat. Therefore, they would love Starcraft hacks. If my website have those, people would love my site. My website actually starts to get quite popular ever since I decided to start posting hacks and stuff on the site lol! (hitting 2million visitors within that year) Shortly after, geocities (free hosting) took it down because my website starts with the word hacks. It depressed the heck out of me.

      To this day, I wished my other site didn't get banned. Those were good times. I have plenty of stories of me playing more SC and Warcraft III in high school too. But those will be saved for my Warcraft 4 site ahaha. But hey, look at how good this site turned out.

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      *sniff* they grow up so fast....

      Ah I remember the day when the internet was new; dial-up connections, picture loading was done line per line because the said connection is so slow, and really primitive graphics and animations. Looking back to the days where LAN started becoming the all-powerful video gaming tool.

      I also remember the times when I became so addicted to top tier units that I would not bother making anything but defenses so I can tech up to battlecruisers,ultralisks and carriers. I loved the battlecruisers and they are perhaps the reason why I still play Terran. But my first love really were the Protoss, its just that at the time I did not have the guts to try to learn how to use properly. There is just something about them psionic aliens that I really love. From the cool looking swirling white/bluish energy sphere of the Archon to the intricate and awesome Carriers. Hopefully I can become skilled enough to use Protoss.

      I first came across this website when I was searching for strategies on how to use Battlecruisers and came across a video in Youtube and the rest as they say was history. At first I was a little bit too shy to join the community but before I know it I managed to create threads that advertise the website (GSL season primers appear in a google search in the first few pages). I really loved the idea of watching a website grow, most of the time I join communities that have already been well established.

      A young website for a young video game and the future looks bright (unless someone kills Kerrigan and then we are all screwed). Just keep at it dude, and as the trekkies will quote their favorite character Spock; Live long and prosper.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Redux0718 View Post
      No way! Pokemon was my all time most played video game too and Starcraft was second most played. If only I have played starcraft seriously when I first got a glimpse of it, maybe I would be platinum by now haha!
      haha seriously though. I wish I played more seriously and typed "Power Overwhelming" a lot less when I first got it. Oh well at least I have a few perfect stats pokemon with original movesets >.>
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