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Thread: How does advancement work in the leagues?
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      How does advancement work in the leagues?

      Hey guys

      In the SEA server i am number 2 in silver (there is two of us playing leap frog for number 1) and i have been sitting there for awhile now.

      How do i get promoted?

      i've played over 300 one v one games and i'm just curious that is all

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      League promotion is a very in depth system, but I will explain it to the best of my abilities.

      Every player has a hidden MMR (Match making rating). This MMR, when compared to your opponents, is what determines the amount of points you will get from a win. In terms of advancement, ONLY THE MMR MATTERS. You could have 3000 points in silver and it still means nothing if your MMR isnt high enough. As of now, there is no way to determine your MMR but just know that if you are playing people in leagues above you (silver v plat, etc.) then you have a higher MMR than the average silver player. The 2nd that thing determines promotion is what has been dubbed by the community as "Sigma." Sigma is a variable that basically means how confident the system is in your placement. Every game the variable is adjusted to fit the new results. This means the more games you play, the more confident the system becomes. This can be a curse or a blessing because even though it will notice improvement faster it will also loss streaks/50-50 play. This variable is the main reason that many players will go 20-3 or some other ridiculous ratio and still not be promoted, the system just doesnt quite know where to put them yet.

      Simpler, shorter version: You have a hidden rating that is a combination of your win/loss and how confident the system is in your current placement. Because of this, every player will be promoted under different conditions and the best thing you can do to move up is just be consistent and win 55%+ of your games.
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      There is a teamliquid thread if your interested in the indepth version, if i get time i will post the link here later, or just have a gnader on their forums for yourself
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