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  1. Jstone
    Hey I was just wondering when u will be one next… I changes my name to LiquidAngel just so u now
  2. Jstone
    hey i was wondering if u could help me with some stuff, so if u could leave a post on my page and we can set something up. thanks and cheers
    jstone 162 add me
  3. Jstone
    Merry Christmas dude enjoy ur holidays
  4. Jstone
    Hey whats up man!!
    just wanted to thank u for what u and scvrush have posted on youtube. u guys got me into starcraft2. also i was wondering if u would play some games with me just add me and msg me when u can( right now my battlenet connection is gone so i may not be on for a bit) just add me.
    jstone 162
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