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  1. woreyour
    hi moderas signing up for uen league2

    1. woreyour
    2. 180
    3. woreyour
    4. Platinum
    5. Skill level comfortable playing at (low diamond, high gold, etc.): any / diamond
  2. woreyour
    I read that it was closed last oct 23 but if you have less players maybe I could fit.
    my schedule is 9pm/10pm-1am/2am GMT

    1. Your SC2 ID and friend code: woreyour #180
    2. What race you will be playing for the league: Random (as always)
    3. What league are you currently in? just moved to platinum 70(NA)
    4. If you could ban any one map out of the current 1v1 ladder maps plus the two Blizz just removed, which would it be? I really like all the maps as it would make players versatile but if I would choose it would be desert oasis.
    5. Would you mind being shown on stream? No I dont mind
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