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Conversation Between IceCraft and nzgolem

  1. nzgolem
    i can't find any person with that chaicter code and id
  2. IceCraft
    IceCraft, 768
  3. nzgolem
    just not 4:00pm
  4. nzgolem
    whats your username and id?
    probably 2:30 PM or any time really
  5. IceCraft
    Umm im GMT+11
    So saturday is fine, just add me and msg me wen u wanna play, if u want we could play while being streamed, always enjoyable
  6. nzgolem
    saturday please if not earlyier im GMT +13 so im a day ahead
  7. IceCraft
    Yep sure thing, just tell me preffered time you'd want and time zone
  8. nzgolem
    Hi can we please orginize our game?
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