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  1. Jstone
    hey i was just wonder when ur going to be on next, i think that my marco and micro.
  2. Jstone
    HeY moved In with my brother back in Canada so my time change is back to normal I will see u on line
  3. Jstone
    Hey I have something bad to say. I'm, moving. My home shall be Autraila which isn't bad. I'm going to live on some random beach. I have a good view. My room is in the highest part of the house which is sick. I havE a view over 1 or two miles away.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
  4. Jstone
    Really? I was there for like four hours. I'm on a plane to Korea. And it's cool if you don't play the 2nd best game in the world. Just as long as you still play the best one. I will tell u next time I go down under we can party and play sc2 and drink and meet chicks lol
  5. Flamga
    Wow man thats pretty awesome if you come down to adelaide let me know haha thats where i live XD and nah i refuse to play all that cod rubbish :P hate FPS XD
  6. Jstone
    hye bro i ended up flying to korea and then australia.i love having a dad that owns three wal marts. i was also wondering if u had black ops? if so can u add me? my gamer tag is johnstone.2. thanks and cheers
  7. Flamga
    Hey man hope your having fun over there! And I wouldnt worry too much, a break from everything isnt bad, you should tune into the stream which will be on in about 4 hours ish XD league matches are going to be played! Should be interesting :P
  8. Jstone
    Hey. whats up? im such in spain right now so i cant play sc2 for a while. i just wanted to tell u this. im stuck for about a week,. if i am on then i guess that means im back in canada. thanks bye
  9. Jstone
    What is vent?Im wondering how to do it?
  10. Flamga
    Hey jstone mate! I will be on between about 9 ish and 4 today at GMT +10:30, so youll have to figure out what that is in your time, however I will be on about that time each day so youll be more likely to catch me on vent however so jump on there today and hover till I pop and register you for the server, then we can get started XD
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