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Starcraft 2 Replays: Zerg vs Protoss

Zerg vs Protoss

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Uploaded by Cazaril - 10-24-2010
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One of my latest losses to protoss

advice wanted




10-24-2010 at 09:25 AM
I'm a pretty terrible player, so double check with someone on all the advice I give you.

The most obvious problem was you tried to one base play against a two base Protoss, which will never work. They could spam tier 1 you could hard counter and they will still win.

I counted 18 drones ... As a rule of thumb if you select all your drones at your base and you don't have 3 rows of 8 build more drones.

At latest you should be expanding when you made your push against his canons. But, honestly as early as you can defend it you should have an expo as zerg.

Great scouting with zergs, but then you failed to use the information you got. You scouted a 3 gate 2 robo, so knew he was going to go Collosi and stalkers. After you scouted this you went hydras which are rubbish against collosi. Spire tech earlier woulda destroyed him because before he got collosi he avoided stalkers like the plague.
You also went baneling nest very late in the game, but banelings versus toss in the mid to late are just money sinks.

Muta ling is normally a good counter against stalker collosi, but he overinvested in collosi so much I would say just make coorupters cause his stalkers wouldn't have been able to stop you before you sniped 3 or 4 and then zergs woulda cleaned him up.

Other small things like a spore crawler when you know he couldn't support air and not spreading creep small problems, but no big deal. Overall always try to have one more expansion than a terran or toss opponent and have three rows of 8 at every base when you select your drones.
10-24-2010 at 10:20 AM
One thing I'd add to the previous comment: during your first push (roaches and lings), you let yourself get clogged up on his ramp, which let him get free kills off of your units. If you had moved the roaches forward and *then* attacked the cannons, you may very well have pulled the win out right there. In the same attack, once you broke through, it looks like your units targeted one of the pylons, which seemed strange; there were two pylons there, so removing one wouldn't de-power the cannon.

Nice work on the probe raid after that though

You were doing great at maintaining unit production during the attack, but as the previous comment points out, that would have been an excellent time to drop an expansion too.

After the attack ended and you pulled your forces back, you knew he had relatively little if he decided to mount a counterattack and your defensive force was relatively solid. That would have been a good time to resume drone production; even after your probe raid, he had more probes than you had drones--never a good spot for a zerg to be in.

Nice use of the spore for observer-destruction; I try to remember to do that in my games as well, but I'm rather bad at doing so

After he became aware of your second push (through his natural), I would've liked to see you send the lings in the front while the roaches distracted in the back; you knew that he'd be pulling everything down there to defend against the roach swarm, which would leave the front wide open.

I don't necessarily hate the banelings late-game; as one of your previous replay comments suggested, they do a number on cannons; that said, at that stage you've made a bane nest and spire and you're still working off of one (mostly-depleted) base. Mutas (and to an extent, hydras as well) simply cannot be done off of one base effectively. From the replays of yours that I've watched so far, I'd say the biggest thing you can do for improvement is simply to expand more aggressively. In this particular game, you dropped your first expansion at 104 supply; I'd recommend getting it no later than 22-25ish unless there's a strong reason not to . The zerg have to work off of an economic advantage in order to successfully compete with the other two races, and once you get that rolling, you'll be in much better shape.