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Starcraft 2 Replays: Zerg v Protoss 27mins

Zerg v Protoss 27mins

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Uploaded by Cazaril - 10-21-2010
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Really don't know what i should have done in this game.

He used about a million photon cannons to block his bases and then went carriers

What would you have suggested i have done?




10-21-2010 at 09:59 PM
Incase you didn't read my post in the "Post a Replay" thread...

First mistake:
When you scouted the third or 4th time, the protoss player threw down a forge rather than a cybernetics core. In a platinum match, I haven't not seen this done often. This should be an indication that he's playing some what defensive. Defensive play = you expand and out macro him!

Second mistake:
You scouted a photon cannon wall. This means he cannot get out with ground forces for quite a while, and this means he is going for an air attack. If he can't get ground forces out of his base, then EXPAND EXPAND EXPAND! Have I said that enough? Expand! Take over the whole map!

Third mistake:
You attacked him with a small team of zerglings and saw he had photon cannons. What does this remind you of? A terran player who makes a wall. How do you bust terran walls? With banelings. Photon cannons only have 300 HP. You could have easily busted through those photon cannons with a few banelings and a zergling mass and gg. Banelings do 80 damage to structures with splash! 4 Banelings could have busted the first line of photon cannons.

Fourth mistake:
He had a photon cannon wall! He's going mostly air!! Get some air power!! I didn't see you have ANY mutalisks! Mutalisks > Void rays. Corruptors > Carriers. Mix of mutas and corruptors > all his air. Broodlords > all ground forces. You would have been safe if you went for air power!

Fifth mistake:
You went for a ground force when he had a cannon wall.

Sixth mistake:
You didn't scout the rest of the map enough to look for his expansions! If he is going for an air force, he will need lots of gas, thus he will need to expand A LOT! If you would have scouted the other expansions, you could have stopped him from massing too much air too fast.

Seventh mistake:
You didn't scout his base more before dropping a nydus canal. Had you moved your overlord in a little deeper, you would have seen more what he had, and you should've not tried a nydus. You would know that the nydus worm would be a waste.

Eigth mistake:
You didn't expand.

Ninth mistake:
You didn't expand.

Tenth mistake:
You didn't expand.
10-22-2010 at 04:20 PM
Or instead of all that boring stuff from chris. You shoulda 6 pooled his ass. Sometimes cheese is the appropriate response
10-23-2010 at 02:07 PM
LoL... 6 pool fails 80% of the time, if not more, if the player knows what they're doing. It's why you never see 6 pool in Platinum or Diamond Leagues. Please, all you zerg players out there, don't take this 6 pool advice. 6 pooling is not a good idea.