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Starcraft 2 Replays: Scvrush vs slowbadon 2

Scvrush vs slowbadon 2

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Uploaded by SCVrush - 10-20-2010
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UEN league season 1 Scvrush vs Slowbadon.




10-20-2010 at 04:42 PM
I have some tips for slowbadon:

Get neural parasite, with neural parasite you could have taken command of SCVrush's thors and destroyed his army while saving your own and you could keep the thors for SCVrush's next attack or even counter attack him with his own thors!

Be more aggressive! In this game you could have easily snuck a team of roaches to SCVrush's mineral line and hit both at once with just a handful of roaches and did some heavy damage to SCVrush' economy. Another option would have been to sneak some infestors to his mineral line and spawn a butt load of infested terrans and obliterate his economy. You could have done so many things and taken the lead. SCVrush had no turrets, so he wouldn't be able to see you burrow and tunnel below to his mineral line.

Expand more. You can't win straight up in number of expansion in a game vs terran. Two Orbital Commands can produce a similar output of 3-4 normal bases. The only way to keep up economically with a terran who has 2 orbital commands, is to expand more yourself. When zerg expands it does several things:
Creates more production buildings
Boosts your economy
Gives you more map control
Denies your opponent any other expansions

300 minerals + 150 minerals for the queen is a cheap price to pay for all the benefits that come from expanding. A hatchary with a queen can outproduce 3 barracks by far, and at the same time, you're getting more money for it! More money = bigger army + more upgrades + more tech!