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Starcraft 2 Replays: New Build Order in the Works for TvT! First Draft

New Build Order in the Works for TvT! First Draft

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Uploaded by Fealorin - 10-18-2010
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Hello everyone, this is a very very rough draft of what might turn out to be an effective build order for Terran vs Terran. Much, much, much more experimenting must be done in order for it to be full-proof. So far I've only tried it to counter an early marine, marauder push.

The idea behind the build is to gain an economic advantage early on in the game. By getting an early economic advantage, you can produce a much larger army, much quicker, and still have enough money for upgrades and even a THIRD expansion! It is a very flexible build order where you can tech certain things as you need to counter anything your opponent throws at you, and making tech transitions would be much easier with the economic lead! This build order originated from a build order that I use a lot in my 1vs1 games. I found this original build order from watching Ketroc aka Rocket on Youtube. This build order is most effective against zerg and protoss already, so feel free to use it to give you those extra wins you need to move up in the leagues!

This match will be played on Steppes of War featuring myself, chrisrichter69 aka Fealorin, and Zitania as the challenger. I am open to any comments and suggestions. Again, this is still a very very rough draft of what may be the next evolution in Terran vs Terran warfare! I hope you guys enjoy this.




10-18-2010 at 09:07 PM
Is planetary fortress + upgrades included in your test? You could have made some more units/buildings with that necessary cash... Which is the way of insane comps: no def at all, pure unit strenght!

// But is good for later game when your army is out. The ennemy thinks two time before going agaisnt such defences.
10-19-2010 at 07:50 PM
Yes I included the fortress upgrades in my BO. I get the range upgrade so I can better cover my ramp and get an earlier hit on units coming it. The range upgrade also goes to bunkers, turrets, and much more, which really helps over all, not just the fortress. The building armor upgrade is more of a Tier 1 unit counter. This armor upgrade brings the fortress armor up to 5! A 0 upgrade marine will only do 1 damage to it! A 0 upgrade zergling will only do 1 damage to it! In order to bust a fortress with the armor upgrade, you need Tier 2 units like colossus and siege tanks. The point of the planetary fortress is early defense until you can get your tech, production and army count up to be ready for anything else the opponent might throw at you. The fortress upgrade is only 150/150. Sure you don't get mules, scans, or depot caps from it, but the fast early expansion I think does more than make up for its cost, especially if your opponent throws early Tier 1 units at your fortress to try to bring it down, only to get destroyed resulting in a couple thousand or so resources in debt.