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Starcraft 2 Replays: CESTQUOICA [Z] vs killAce [Z]

CESTQUOICA [Z] vs killAce [Z]

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Uploaded by Cookie - 01-22-2012
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CESTQUOICA [Z] vs killAce [Z]
Bronze vs Silver (ladder) players.

Match takes over 1 hour to end...
Had a good headstart until I stopped scouting... I was going brood lords with no anti-air and he was massing mutas...

Survived and took oportunity of my opponent's mistakes.
The more the game goes on, the more I'll be doing huge mistakes, like leaving units in the map and forgetting about them.

Uploaded for a friend.

Note of huge mistakes to notice (by both players):
- few scouting (overall)
- air units aren't used to kill unprotected units / buildings
- lack of offensive moves




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