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Starcraft 2 Replays: Z v T scrap station 23 mins

Z v T scrap station 23 mins

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Uploaded by Cazaril - 10-10-2010
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Well i made the switch from SEA to NA servers (my new id is Cazaril # 446)

and i played my 5 placement games and here is my last game.

Similiar to my last game i posted but i think i did slightly better?

Still comments appreciated.




10-12-2010 at 04:53 PM
Watched your replay, here is what I think of some improvement areas.

1. Your worker count is lower than the terran's the entire game. You technically should have more by mid game because of your expansion. Build more drones when you can

2. Spread your overlord more, the Terran didn't have much when he expanded, you should pressure him and delay his expansion. Putting an overlord over his expansion is a good idea.

3. The big fight at the end was very difficult for you. You needed baneling to break the marine ball so your roaches can go straight to the thors. Instead, the army didn't have enough strength. Hope that helps.