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Starcraft 2 Replays: Zvp - 5 gate +1 on Xel'Naga

Zvp - 5 gate +1 on Xel'Naga

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Uploaded by OneManZerg - 02-06-2011
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Another protoss pressure game. This is a 5 gate +1 expand build. What that means is they get 5 gates, expand and wait to attack until their +1 upgrade finishes. The +1 upgrade is key for the attack because their zealots will then 2 shot zerglings instead of 3 shot them.

Key takeaways:
zerglings outside their base to see when the attack is coming so I can build spines/units
zerglings scouting the map for proxy pylons - killing these can save you
bringing drones out when you see it is absolutely necessary
establishing map control/vision afterwards and re-droning quickly
how if I would have used all of my minerals i would have had like 16 more zerglings or 8 more hydralisks and how their attack would have been no big deal then




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