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Starcraft 2 Replays: Z v T - Shakurus Plateau 50mins

Z v T - Shakurus Plateau 50mins

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Uploaded by Cazaril - 10-10-2010
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I thought i had it under control but i think he out expanded me (i'm the zerg) and i couldn't catch up the resource deficiency. i struggle a little with this map but maybe because its new and i haven't played it often.

i'm really struggling from mid game on. this is probably the best i've done in awhile..

5 losses in a row now..

game goes for about 50mins so any help would be greatly appreciated

he was gold and i am silver




10-10-2010 at 07:58 PM
Excellent start! Good 14 pool however a couple points to consider:

1: you scouted, but left his base, if your unsure you can leave your drone someone in the back corner to scout a bit later, but thats more preference.

2: you went for banelings on a big map (which did help you defend very well) however what were your initial reasons for it, had you scouted the front of his base you would have noticed most of the game the supply depot was down and banelings werent needed. also you were lucky he attacked with marine ball, if he went andthing mech wise you would have lost most your units as you have nothing effective against it.

3: you never scouted him after your initial scout so you could never tell if he was expanding or reinforcing himself.

4: BIGGEST POINT: you stopped building workers, notice how terran had nearly 40 workers and so mu ch income compared to your low amount, if you keep buiding drones, when you expand you can split your workers to get resources straight away. More resources would mean more unit production faster expanding etc.

5: Your first attack on his expansion where you scouted 2 tanks sieged and a marine ball, you ran away, with speedlings, banelings, hydras and infestors, all good counters to that, you would have owned them, dont just run away as you will never know if you will win unless you attack and find out.

6: Last point otherwise itll be an information overload lol, you let him expand, you have fast mobile units, keep 2-4 lings at his expansions before he uses them, youll hten know where and when he will expand, use your units to apply pressure when he moves out, and keep him in his base.

All over i would just work on getting more drones, unless you have a specific reason for units (from scouting or for stalling his units or harass) you need to macro more before you build them. Also dont over react when he attacks, you built so many zerglings when your force was sufficient and if you had your queens in the rear helping would have fended it off easy.