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Starcraft 2 Replays: Ice Vs Tarim G1

Ice Vs Tarim G1

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Uploaded by IceCraft - 01-06-2011
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IceCraft Vs Tarim (ZvT)




01-07-2011 at 07:48 PM

First off, never be afraid to pull an SCV off a building and replace him with one who isn't dying .
Scout! If not with units, at least use a scan or two.

Regarding your build: I'd suggest that if you're going carrier rush, get the second gas sooner. Carriers are obviously insanely expensive, and if you're using a timing push on them, you really need to have the gas available *exactly* when the fusion reactor is done. In this case, pumping a tank first slowed it down somewhat.

Observing IceCraft's actions when he saw the carrier (with the changeling you spotted quite nicely, albeit a bit too late), he had little that could handle the carrier itself, and had to drop a hydra den immediately. Granted, his ground troops crushed your marines and tank, but the carrier still had some potential, especially with some SCVs repairing it.

That said, a carrier build is quite ambitious when your macro isn't quite up to it. I'd suggest sticking to something more conventional and really getting the macro down first, then diversify into more risky build orders.