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Starcraft 2 Replays: Zitania TvP cannon rush

Zitania TvP cannon rush

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Uploaded by Moderas - 09-20-2010
Author Author Zitania
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Looking for some feedback on how I countered this cannon rush




09-21-2010 at 08:18 PM
Great early build =)

Great things about your build:
1- Bunker in front
2- Marauders with concussive shells
3- using SCVs to repair bunker
4- Counter attack with a mix force (you added marines, good in case of air units)

Things you can work on for better backup plans
1- Don't let your cash go up for nothing! On 8:58 you finished building your factory, and didn't do anything else with your SCV. You could go for a starport, do a medivac or viking to go scout the map and look for expansions. You never know about those if you didn't explore! Most protoss players leave pylons to warp in, so exploring is pretty useful. (and other races can simply build military structures to make units near your base)
2- When you counter attack, it's the best time to expand. Just build another Command Center. If your army hits a wall, you'll be able to continue your fast pace with extra income.
3- Never stop producing! You had like 700 minerals on 8:58, and let it go till the end of the game (up to 1300). Your Barracks can do queues of units, use them! Don't stop at 1-2 per barrack if you rush with those... And if you tech up, do it! It takes 5-6 seconds max to build up something, even when you have to go back to view your base! (use hotkeys to chek them faster)

Most people stop when they think they win, which is the biggest mistake. Always be on the ready =)

And again, beautiful counter, great game, keep it up! I'm pretty sure you can do that constant production easily. =)

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