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Starcraft 2 Replays: OneManZerg vs IceCraft game 3

OneManZerg vs IceCraft game 3

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Uploaded by OneManZerg - 11-21-2010
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This is game 3 between OneManZerg and IceCraft. This game is on Delta Quadrant and features some extended early ling pressure by OneManZerg to get only a slight economic advantage on IceCraft before he tries to macro up. IceCraft then responds with a well timed push with Zealots, Sentries and an Immortal to put heavy pressure on OneManZerg's expansion killing most of his queens and drones as well as his entire army before he is pushed back. The game continues as OneManZerg harasses with Mutalisks before IceCraft gets out his Pheonix and turns the tables around on OneManZerg. Finally, both players macro up and expand to hold 3-4 bases each while holding mini-battles, scouting and having several major battles as well. The game finally ends as IceCraft pushes out with a gateway mixed army with Colossus and Phoenix support on OneManZerg and he repels the push with an overwhelming amount of Hydralisks, Zerglings and Mutalisks.




11-22-2010 at 06:52 AM
Do not get immortals if you only see zerglings and hydralisk since you have that early observer. Focus on colossi or storm. Protoss tier 1 does not do enough dps to put up a fight with zerg.