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Starcraft 2 Replays: Tactical Command 0 deaths

Tactical Command 0 deaths

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Uploaded by NightlyNews - 11-15-2010
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Here is a playthrough with 0 deaths. I like how at one point I have 600 apm and literally nothing is moving sooooo pro.

I've done this on all 3 micro gameplays and it's pretty fun. I've used other's replays on youtube for most of these plans, but thought it might help if you can see my clicks and layout on your own terms.

It's way easier to just take two or three marine deaths on the third part of the first round.

I'll explain in text how to get 0 deaths on this round, but if you just want gold and don't care about 0 deaths just stim and attack move.

Ok so you need a meat shield which is why I bring down the tank and hellion, the hellion doesn't really do anything, but the other rounds are so easy why not. You stim the second the round starts because your medivacs have full energy and will never run out in this battle. Then you wait for the mutas to attack the tank. The second they shoot a volley at the tank you snipe them with the ghost (do not cloak) so that it goes from the highest health unit to your second highest- ghost. Your ghost should be healed by a medivac to keep it alive since it will be the first biological unit to take damage and just keep sniping. Start running back if your ghost falls into orange health and the stupid mutas will follow it into 20 stimmed rines.

Like I said I've beaten zerg toss and obviously terran with 0 losses and the terran round one part 3 is the second hardest to not take a loss in. The hardest is the one of the protoss ones which is more frustrating than fun and I'm probably not gonna try that again for a while.




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