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Starcraft 2 Replays: Zitania TvZ Xel'naga

Zitania TvZ Xel'naga

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Uploaded by Moderas - 09-03-2010
Author Author Zitania
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'ello! This replay is myself as the terran against a platinum-level zerg player. I'm in silver league at the moment so I would love any tips you may have for me!




09-22-2010 at 03:09 PM
Great use of thors =)

Here's some stuff to think about for your next games:
Don't waste units on dead end combats.

On your raid of 18min on the timer, you had two Thors and a couple of units with them still alive and shooting stuff around. Your units were hurt and your reinforcements were still in your base.
One word: retreat!

Step them back, bring your new troops and reinforce your forces!

Also, did you know that SCVs AND MULES can repair mechanical units? (airships, Thors, tanks, structures, etc) What is fun with the mule is that it drops where you clic, meaning you can have them on the battlefield to help your army get better.

On 19min with the timer, you saw roaches coming from your back. Did it sound an alarm to you? Should have. He had expansions. Always look for them! Most players don't defend their expansions and are easy to kills, mostly those away from their main base. (Like I told you in your game vs canon rush protoss, use air units or voltures to scout around the map.) The zerg saw almost all your moves because he had spies all around, even if he died... it is good to scout. The zerg simply didn't manage well enough his macroing against you.

In brief, good game!
Loved the mix of thors, tanks, marines and marauders. Good macroing on that match.