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Starcraft 2 Replays: Newbie Protoss Practice 1

Newbie Protoss Practice 1

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Uploaded by Redux0718 - 11-12-2010
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This is against Hard AI, just want some feedback.




11-12-2010 at 09:05 PM
Overall, it was a pretty nice game. I tried to keep the camera focused on your perspective so I wouldn't know anything that you couldn't be expected to at any point. As is my wont, I list my critiques in bullet format :
~Late on first chrono; not too bad though.
~Try to make sure when a probe builds something, he moves on to mining afterwards. Frequently you would have a probe build a pylon or assimilator and he'd just chill out afterwards. I noticed eventually that you were setting them to mine when the assimilator finished, but that's ~20-30 wasted minerals that could be salvaged during construction.
~Nice micro saving the last stalker in the initial push.
~Good expo after roach push, but you could've also built units at that point. Tons of minerals and gates were ready to go. Also, use the robo at that stage; it hadn't produced anything since the initial obs.
~Right after expo finished, you started building assimilators at it. These could've been placed during construction; you had *tons* of minerals. Drop some static defense or pylons when you find yourself with an excess that you can't spend fast enough. Static would've helped a lot a few minutes later when hydras showed up!
!With 2 observers at that point, you have the luxury of sacrificing one if needed. Sending one in would give you much-needed intel with relatively little risk, particularly against zerg (although the CPU always has overseers, humans typically won't create them until you give them reason to).
~When the colossus came out (during the hydra push), I like that you pulled it back to save it. That said, you could have utilized the high ground a bit better; that colossus could've probably taken out that entire pack with a bit more micro. Still, when in doubt, you took the right path (saving it and sac'ing the expo). At least IMHO.
~Small thing: you forgot to re-hotkey your expo nexus.
~Right after his third (? with infestors) push, nice work on pushing out, although I would've liked to see you send the third colossus (which had just finished) with them. But notice that you had about 22 probes mining 4 patches of minerals in your main; good time to move them to the expo, which hadn't been fully populated yet.
~NICE work continuing production during your attack. I'd recommend bringing a probe during such attacks so you can drop a proxy pylon near their base. It helps a lot with reinforcements in the middle of an assault, and can turn the tide.
~I'd strongly recommend rushing to the extended thermal lances for colossi; the difference it makes is simply enormous. I'd put it almost on par with stim packs for marines.
~Periodically check your base for redundant miners; your expo had (I think) 5 probes on one assimilator and 0 on the second for most of the time it was up.
~*Very* nice work maintaining production even when the game was already over; it can never hurt to keep pumping units out even if he's doomed and just doesn't know it yet.

Overall, small critiques. You could pump drones more regularly (although you did fairly well at it) and only got supply-blocked a couple times that I saw, so excellent focus on the P&P of toss. No major problems that I see; nice win