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Starcraft 2 Replays: ZvZ - Cazaril vs smagee - Game 2

ZvZ - Cazaril vs smagee - Game 2

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Uploaded by smagee - 11-03-2010
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Game 2 on Jungle Basin. Again, more text when less lazy.

Edit: The crown jewel of the trilogy, although one would expect that opinion from my perspective, as I ended up winning. Nonetheless, this game provided several key examples of scouting and response; I can only describe my own scouting, but after some discussion with Caz I think I have a chain of events leading to our eventual tech paths:
-Initial scouting by both parties reveals little; secondary scout by smagee shows a baneling nest, at which point I drop two spines and start pushing roaches instead of lings.
-Caz scouts the spines and (according to our discussion) reads that I'm turtling into muta tech; drops spores intermittently as a result (and I'm guessing that's when the hydra tech started as well).
-smagee sends an initial ling cluster in and scouts hydra tech; drops a bane nest in retaliation.
-smagee attempts a feeble two-prong attack: lings/banes in front, hydras in Caz' natural; at this point, smagee was unaware of the presence of spores. Thankfully (for me), reaction time is swift with the mutas; they are pulled back before much damage is done to either party.
-Caz continues cranking roaches/hydras, smagee mutas/banes--bane production accelerated when a push from Caz is spotted incoming.
-Caz surprises with an end-around into smagee's natural; smagee drops a bane trap for the eventual demise of the rocks. The trap is an immense success, quite probably the turning point of the game.

The rest of the game plays out as a mass muta/bane vs roach/hydra. All told, I think it makes for an entertaining game; plenty of mistakes made (at least on my part), but an excellent demonstration of the value of scouting and how to react (IMHO).




11-04-2010 at 04:17 PM
Was a really good game. that bane trap caught me by surprise
11-05-2010 at 09:41 AM
Yeah, I definitely enjoyed this one; the strat-counterstrat play was a lot of fun. Just watched the replay again last night to see how your game shifted as things progressed too