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Starcraft 2 Replays: ZvZ Cookie VS Slowbadon #2 (Slowbadon win)

ZvZ Cookie VS Slowbadon #2 (Slowbadon win)

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Uploaded by Cookie - 11-03-2010
Author Author Cookie & Slowbadon
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Map: Jungle Basin
Opponents: ZvZ - Cookie VS Slowbadon

Cookie went for a rush a gain, but stepped back after meeting with a queen, some 'lings and a spine in development.

Stepping back in his base, Cookie did not manage to stop an elite force of banelings who completly destroyed his economy (almost all drones). Gratz to Slowbadon on that shot!

Finished off with roaches/hydras, not enough workers to pull it back off on Cookie's side.

Great game, loved it!
Thx and gratz to Slowbadon who beautifuly won the match.




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