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Starcraft 2 masters with SCVrush and OMZ 2v2 with Tips and Hints (Terran Perspective)




masters lvl player

[Game Description]

Hey folks, this is SCVrush giving you guys another video commentary in this 2v2 game on High Orbitz! This game will be from the Terran's perspective this time. Dont' lose hope my terran followers. I know you guys have been asking where is scvrush? He is actually playing dota 2 for the most part which is an awesome game btw.

Some key tips in this game:
1. If you have two refineries and do not need all the workers on the gas. Put two on each refinery instead of 3 on one and 1 on the other. Your gas mining efficiency is much better.

2. If you are expanding to a gold expansion with a destructible rock, it is sometimes better to lift off and land in the mining position before upgrading to an orbital because you can mine it right away instead of waiting 30 seconds.

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