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Starcraft 2 Diamond 2v2 Team First Person Perspective with Scvrush on Monlyth Ridge




[Game Description]

This is Scvrush playing Terran giving you guys another live 2v2 first-person commentary. This livecast will feature Scvrush playing as the red terran teamed, as always, with his partner OneManZerg. They spawn at the top-left position while the double zerg opposition spawns at the lower right.

Early on, Onemanzerg contemplates whether he should expand first or move into a more offensive build. Scvrush quickly scouts the enemy to see what they are doing while we formulate a counter-strategy. The scout discovers one of the zerg going for an extremely early double extractor, which suggests that they are teching for mutalisk. Scvrush and Onemanzerg decide to apply early pressure with marauder marines and roaches. Will they be able to deal enough damage before the tech? Or will they fail miserably with their attack? Check this TZ vs ZZ game out already!


ScvRush OneManZerg