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Starcraft 2 Axslav vs Idra on LT Protoss vs Zerg

This StarCraft 2 game and commentary was play on

Lost Temple

Mon, 30 Aug 2010 at 21:23





[Game Description]

Hey guys, OneManZerg is bringing you another commentary between Idra and Axslav. They are both very famous players and highly ranked players. I believe at the time of this post, they are top 7 and 2 in the top 200. Axslav spawns 6 o clock as protoss and Idra spawns 12 as zerg obviously. This game features some unique play style by both Idra and Axslav. Usage of archons, map control with zerglings and mutalisk are just some of the unit compositions in this game. This match up comes from axslav's replay pack so there will be more interesting commentary with Axslav.