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Starcraft 2 2v2 masters with Scvrush(terran) and OMZ(zerg) on High Orbits!





[Game Description]

Hey, this is Scvrush and with onemanzerg giving you guys another audio commentary live casted this time on high orbits. I will again be playing as Terran and my awesome partner as zerg. High orbit is a fairly favorable map for us since it allows us to mutually defend our bases together.

The game starts off with us spawning on the bottom location on high orbit. Our scout failed a bit and we did not see a rush coming until protoss has 2 zealot at our base. I give some basic instructions and strategies in regarding how to deal with rushes such as a 4 gate or mass ling. (MASS bunkers at the ramp is the most effective way of dealing with this). After the rush, the game goes into a macro game.