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Starcraft 2 1v1 master by Scvrush TvZ on Xel Naga Caverns





[Game Description]

Hello Gentlemen:

This is Scvrush here giving you guys a one on one commentary on Xel Naga Caverns! This is one of my few 1v1 live casts because I usually do commentaries with onemanzerg and friends. Since you guys request solo games, I will fulfill them. Please leave a feedback on what you think of the game and my casting skills.

The game obviously take place on Xelnaga caverns with me spawning at the top right position while my opponent, skittles, spawning at the lower left position. Because of the relative short ground traveling distance on this map, I decided to open up with a 2 barracks aggressive opening. The first thing I did was to find out exactly where the opponent's overlord is at so I can supply cap him. Then I proceed to push onto his base with a few marines and scvs.