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Maiden Astraea & Garl Vinland + 2 Bosses, 4-1 5-3 - Part 4


[Game Description]

We aim to burn this accursed swamp but many obstacles stand in our path. This video's a good example of how costly it is to underestimate encounters in Souls games. Looking back, maybe we should have simply slain Saint Astraea with a bow, but where's the fun in that? TIMELINE 00:10 I spy Satsuki (standing above the archway) 01:36 Graverobber Blige Cell Key 01:50 Kilij curved Asian sword 02:15 Uchigatana Asian Katana 04:10 Adjudicator's Shield (Life Regen) 05:30 Regenerator's Ring 06:00 Adjudicator 07:53 Swollen Demon's Soul 09:00 Dirty Colossus (route in prev episode) 10:50 Eroded Demon's Soul 11:20 5-3 Intro 12:50 Garl Vinland 17:15 Dark Silver Shield (passive boost to magic defense) 18:20 Maiden Astraea commits sudoku 19:00 Pureblood Demon's Souls, Ring of Sincere Prayer 19:15 Opening the Archdemon fog door 20:00 Enter Boletaria 1-3 Glad to have the swamp cleared so we can move onto the castle, Boletaria 1-3. As always, thanks for watching.