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Flamga's Introduction to UEN videos


[Game Description]

UEN Folks, if you don't know him already this is Flamga.  He has been on the forums, in the channel and playing in the season's since the inception of SC2.  He even came from being a gold level player all the way to Diamond in 1's and Masters in multi-multiplayer. =)

Here we have a set of games where he, bwrx and OneManZerg face off in some random 3v3's on-line.

Also, pay attention to the UEN Community League as we head into the playoffs.  Bracket is on-line and LiveStreams will take place at 5pm PST on 8/13 and 8/20 showing playoff matches.  We MAY do a weeknight broadcast as well if that fits players' availabilities.  Sign up to get cast or see who will be cast here.