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Diablo III - Infernal Machine & Hellfire Ring, Guide (1.0.5 PTR)


[Game Description]

How to create the Infernal Machine and Hellfire Ring in Diablo 3. Now available on the 1.0.5 PTR. Acquire 3 Keys Key of Terror - Act 1: Fields of Misery, Odeg the Keywarden Key of Hate - Act 2: Dahlgur Oasis, Sokahr the Keywarden Key of Destruction - Act 3: Stonefort, Xal'Rith the Keywarden Plan: Infernal Machine - Act 4: Silver Spire Level 1, Nekarat the Keywarden (only farm once) Begin the final quest in Act 1 and speak to the healer to access Heretic's Abode (Tainted Abode?). Use the Infernal Machine to open a portal leading to one of three uber realms: Realm of Discord versus King Leoric and Maghda Realm of Turmoil versus SiegeBreaker and Zoltun Kulle Realm of Chaos versus Ghom and Rakanoth These uber bosses have a chance (depends on Monster Power and Nephalem Valor) to drop 3 materials: Vengeful Eye Devil's Fang Writhing Spine At the Hidden Camp, Squirt will sell you the Hellfire Ring Plan for 2 Million gold. Now you can combine 3 organs to roll one Hellfire Ring at the Jeweler. Hellfire Ring Increases experience awarded per kill by 35% +170-200 (Strength, Dex, Vit, Int) 4 Random Magic Properties Chance to launch explosive ball of Hellfire on attack Thanks for watching. Update: Keys/Organs ONLY drop for a player with 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor. Furthermore, it is confirmed that drop rates scale at +10% per Monster Power (only guaranteed drop at mp10!). Good luck!