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Demon's Souls Guide - Boletarian Palace, Monumental Phalanx - 1-1 (EP1)


[Game Description]

Speed guide through the best game on PS3. I speak tactics and gameplay advice while efficiently running through the game and revealing loot/secrets. HunterSC.tv http://www.facebook.com/pages/HunterSCtv/120954447996946 http://twitter.com/huntersctv TIMELINE 00:00 Nexus Arrival 00:55 Commentary Begins 07:45 You Shall Not Pass 10:30 Shortcut 1 10:37 Cling Ring 11:00 Old Ragged Set & Jade Hair Ornament 12:00 Ostrava Shortcut & Thief's Ring 17:20 Double Dragon Plunder 20:00 Fire Bridge Dilemma 21:00 Unlock Boss Chamber 21:50 Turpentine 23:10 Shortcut 2 24:35 Phalanx Boss Battle 30:00 The Monumental *Although I mention 1-2 "Phalanx Archstone" as the next zone to clear I am now thinking that 4-1 "Shrine of Storms" may be more logical. EP2 soon to come!!