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Dark Souls Walkthrough : Ruined Demons, Triple Boss Kill - SL1 (EP13)


[Game Description]

Uncovering shortcuts in Demon Ruins as we down 3 optional bosses. A very interesting gameplay for me to cast. TIMELINE 01:45 Gold-Hemmed Black Robes 02:30 Ceaseless Discharge Shortcut 05:30 Tauren Beast Parade 10:30 Skipping mini Capras 11:20 Bonfire 2 13:35 Centipede lurking 17:30 Demon's Greataxe 18:00 Large Flame Ember 19:15 Big damage 20:24 Demon Firesage 24:00 Centipede Demon 25:45 Early Orange Charred Ring If you enjoyed today's episode, support the series with a rating. Thanks for watching!