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Dark Souls Walkthrough - Race to the Bell Tower - Soul Level 1 EP1


[Game Description]

We attempt a Soul Level 1 clear of Dark Souls - a challenge fit only for true masters of the game. EP1 focuses on early pyro strategies while highlighting shortcuts and key item locations. HunterSC.tv & @HunterSCtv ----- TIMELINE 00:00 Creation: Pyro, Master Key 06:36 Asylum Demon lunging attack 13:07 Brigand Armor aka Bandit Set - great armor for SL1 run 14:30 Black Knight encounter 17:58 Crystal Lizard 20:10 Andre the Blacksmith - gearing up and reinforcing 24:40 Iron Knight guarding Fire Keeper Soul (Undead Parish) 40:40 Me and Solaire battle Bell Gargoyles on the roof ----- Next Episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNJbbrsfJps