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Dark Souls Walkthrough - Painted World Speed Clear - Soul Level 1 (EP10)


[Game Description]

We forget to wear a helmet.. again. Gambling on Power Within is always fun. Timeline 00:42 Velka's Painting 03:00 Dried Finger 04:21 Annex Key 04:50 Sewers Switch 06:40 One-way Door 07:30 Blood Shield 08:40 Red Sign Soapstone 10:00 Mask of Velka, Black Cleric's Set 11:40 Dark Ember 13:30 Acid Surge 14:00 King Jeremiah Black Phantom 14:50 Notched Whip 16:40 Crossbreed Priscilla Dialogue 17:45 Strength Build miss-click 19:20 Xanthous Helm 19:55 Boss Fight Omissions: Fire Surge, Velka's Rapier, Painted Guardian Set Previous SL1 episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZY0oart-Ik The best way to support is to subscribe.