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Dark Souls Walkthrough - Dark Wood Grain Odyssey - Soul Level 1 EP3


[Game Description]

This video features some much needed powering of our low level character. Crucial item grabs include: Elite Knight Set and Dark Wood Grain Ring (two cornerstones of our build). JOIN ME http://www.facebook.com/pages/HunterSCtv/120954447996946 http://twitter.com/HunterSCtv ----- TIMELINE 02:00 Lautrec, Ring of Favor and Protection 05:00 Smithing, reinforce to Battle Axe +7 07:20 Leather Set, Longbow 09:00 Brigand (Bandit) Set, Spider Shield 14:15 Wolf Ring 18:30 Elite Knight Set 20:10 Witch Beatrice Summon 20:55 Moonlight Butterfly 22:40 Divine Ember, Watchtower Basement Key 25:15 Crest of Artorias 26:00 Titanite Demon Kill 28:20 Darkroot Garden Shortcut 36:15 Forest Hunters Covenant 41:10 Hostile Forest Hunters 43:55 Dark Wood Grain Ring ! ----- Next Episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOQlGaAGXJY