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Dark Souls Walkthrough - Chaos Witch Tag-Team - Soul Level 1 EP4


[Game Description]

Well executed run through Blighttown and into Quelaag's Domain where we double team the Chaos Witch. JOIN ME http://www.facebook.com/pages/HunterSCtv/120954447996946 http://twitter.com/HunterSCtv ----- TIMELINE 03:30 Armor Upgrades (Elite Knight Set) 07:10 Fire Keeper Soul (New Londo Ruins) 12:00 Blighttown Bonfire (Dragon Scale too) 14:30 Maneater Mildred Invasion 18:40 Chaos Witch Quelaag 23:20 The 2nd Bell 26:00 Chaos Servant, Great Chaos Fireball & Pyro Upgrades ----- Next Episode http://www.youtu.be/R4VhSBJjog0 Previous Episode http://youtu.be/eNXyI7ck-kc