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Dark Souls Walkthrough - Catacombs ft. Paladin Leeroy - Soul Level 1 EP8


[Game Description]

We are charmed by the many characters strewn throughout Catacombs. Also, we run vile survival experiments on our helpful companion, Paladin Leeroy. ----- TIMELINE 03:30 Zweihander (Winged Spear too) 05:44 Bonfire 1 15:30 Blacksmith Vamos 19:40 Crystal Lizards (2) 21:10 Bonfire 2 (Hidden) 22:15 Patches 23:30 Great Scythe 24:00 Paladin Leeroy Summon 30:00 Leeroy vs Black Knight 31:00 Pinwheel 32:45 Rite of Kindling & Mask of the Mother ;[ ----- Next up: I really can't decide.. Thank you for watching!