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Dark Souls Ultimate Challenge - New Game+7 SL1


[Game Description]

We will attempt to conquer Lordran on NG+7 (increased monster health, damage, and souls) as a SL1 character starting with Pyromancer gear. It's nice to have a real challenge after exhausting the other PvE options. The beginning is as hard as anything because you are with unupgraded armor (almost everything 1 shots you) and monsters have 300-400% life. Lot's of fun though! I'm excited to share the experience with everyone. I'm contemplating recording this guide as a non-pyro. Possibly as a SL5 Thief which allows more Dexterity (15 over 9) and less Strength (14 instead of 18). This allows a more diverse melee arsenal. Otherwise, I'm stuck using only my trusty Battle Axe or a Reinforced Club for the entire playthrough. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks, hsc