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Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough [Part 3]


[Game Description]

Tying up loose ends in the forest before moving to Lost Bastille. Timeline 01:15 Blue Wooden Shield, Great Soul Arrow 02:12 Mild-Mannered Pate 04:00 Aromatic Ooze, Sorcerer's Staff 05:10 White Sign Soapstone 09:00 Crystal Gecko, Large Leather Shield 10:20 Last Giant Shortcut 11:32 Last Giant, Soldier Key 15:00 Ring of Restoration Soldier's Rest 17:50 Leather Set, Hunter's Hat 1915: Seed of a Tree Giant farming spot 21:00 Pursuer 22:30 Ring of Blades 25:20 Drangleic Set, Sword Lost Bastille 28:02 Large Shard x2 30:45 Blacksmith McDuff's workshop, small shards x5 As always, thanks for watching. See you in the next one