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Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough [Part 2]


[Game Description]

Huntsman's Copse, Harvest Valley, and Earthen Peak Timeline 02:20 Bridge Approach 05:50 Magic Mace 08:02 Merciless Roenna 09:10 Skeleton Lords Harvest Valley 14:00 Chloanne 15:15 Poison Pools 18:20 Fragrant Branch of Yore 19:15 The Mines 20:20 Sunlight Altar Earthen Peak 21:30 Covetous Demon 23:10 Lower Earthen Peak 25:52 Central Earthen Peak 30:00 Upper Earthen Peak 32:00 Mytha, the Baneful Queen with Jester Thomas Iron Keep 35:25 Threshold Bridge 36:10 Level ups Things we missed: Pate, Creighton, Mirrah Shield, various Sorceries and Pyromancies,