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Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough [Part 1]


[Game Description]

Live gameplay with commentary, a guide covering Dark Souls II. Episode timeline: Things Betwixt 04:44 Character Creation 11:30 Dyna and Tillo (Trade) Majula 13:15 Cleric's Sacred Chime 15:50 Estus Flask Shard 1 19:50 Human Effigy farming spot Forest of Fallen Giants 20:50 Crestfallen's Retreat 23:30 Buckler 24:35 Cardinal Tower 25:25 Shortcut to a Shortcut 26:35 Cartographer Cale 28:55 Estus Flask Shard 2 30:45 Chloranthy Ring, Life Ring 33:05 Crimson Parma Heide's Tower of Flame 35:40 Sublime Bone Dust 1 37:00 Dragonrider, gravity strategy 40:00 Licia's Contraption 43:20 Huntsman's Copse Bonfire 1 Items left behind: Heide Knight Sword, Fire Longsword, Small White Soapstone, Blue Wooden Shield, Thanks for watching